Septiembres (DVD) | new film
    • Septiembres (DVD) | new film
    • Septiembres (DVD) | new film

    Septiembres (DVD) | new film

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    Septiembres (DVD) | new film | 2007 | dubbed movie | by Carles Bosch

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    Carles Bosch




    Every September, the prison of Soto del Real, in Madrid, celebrates the song festival. Participants are inmates from different prisons, and they are the protagonists of the film. The festival is only the starting point, and from there the four men and the four women return to their prison routine and allow us to enter their lives and the intimacy of their love relationships. Love (or its absence) serves as a common language for the spectator to understand the world of jail from an optics that is close to us. Over a year-that is, from September to September and between Festival and Festival-the film portrays its love stories, how they develop or how they disintegrate ... (FILMAFFINITY) información y detalles de la película

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    documentary cinema

    Septiembres (DVD) | new film | 2007 | dubbed movie | by Carles Bosch

    * classified in : documentary cinema

    * direction : Carles Bosch

    * cast : Documental

    * release year : 2007

    * dimensions : 19x13,5x1,4cm.

    * approximate weight : 0,1kg.

    * condition / status : new film DVD

    * Filmaffinity rating : Septiembres información y detalles de la película

    * keywords : Septiembres (DVD) | new film | dubbed movie | DVD to buy

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