La Vida Bajo las Bombas (DVD) | new film
    • La Vida Bajo las Bombas (DVD) | new film
    • La Vida Bajo las Bombas (DVD) | new film

    La Vida Bajo las Bombas (DVD) | new film

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    La Vida Bajo las Bombas (DVD) | new film | 2007 | dubbed movie | by Flavio Signore

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    Flavio Signore


    Documental : Flavio Signore


    Making life under bombs is the challenge of civil society, NGOs, citizens and Lebanese volunteers during the war with Israel. Help to refugees and children, international solidarity, human shields, the impact of cluster bombs and antipersone mines in the civilian population, environmentalists. Stories forgotten by the media, stories of hope, non-violence and peace amid death and conflict. During the war between Israel and Lebanon, NGOs, Lebanese civil society, volunteers and people without previous experience, meet and organize to help refugees fleeing the bombings and make possible, as stated in the title of the documentary, The continuity of life and hope under bombs. An unprecedented story in a war situation and that the traditional media did not know how to collect. The 78-minute documentary describes the chronological evolution of the events and key places of that war from the first days until the weeks after the conflict. Civil groups for refugee aid, art workshops for displaced children, demining and impact of bombs, the work of environmentalists to alleviate the environmental impact of war, the international solidarity of NGO delegations and unions , a caravan of human shields to stop the bombings. All of these stories constitute an unprecedented allegation against death and war.

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    La Vida Bajo las Bombas (DVD) | new film | 2007 | dubbed movie | by Flavio Signore

    * classified in : documentary cinema

    * direction : Flavio Signore

    * cast : Documental : Flavio Signore

    * release year : 2007

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