Puzzle Pintoo : Bread Tree-Fireworks-600 piezas
  • Puzzle Pintoo : Bread Tree-Fireworks-600 piezas
  • puzzle 600 piezas - características y tamaño
  • puzzle 600 piezas - características y tamaño
  • puzzle 600 piezas - características y tamaño

Bread Tree-Fireworks-puzzle 600 pieces

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Pintoo : flat puzzles | Bread Tree-Fireworks 600 pieces

44,6cm x 30,8cm

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Plastic pieces puzzles Pintoo : flat puzzles Showpiece | Bread Tree-Fireworks 600 pieces

10,0cm x 10,0cm x 13,3cm


Data sheet

Product Description
- Extraordinary 2D and 3D puzzles, made with quality plastic parts, with an almost perfect assembly design, which gives the puzzle enormous consistency and durability.
- Plastic frames are also available for flat puzzles (must be purchased separately) from 300 to 4000 pieces, which convert the built puzzles into products suitable for decoration or exhibition.
- Puzzles with patented 3D spherical design, with exclusive curved pieces, whose design requires high manufacturing precision.
- Water and liquid resistant printing in general, which prevents the pieces from absorbing humidity and guarantees that the print always remains bright and does not lose color over time.
Special Features of Pintoo Products
- Pintoo puzzles are made in China by the Taiwanese Pintoo Corporation.
- The pieces of a puzzle are unique, carefully designed by Pintoo specialists and verified by computer software, to ensure that all the pieces have some characteristic that makes them unique.
- The pieces of the Spherical Puzzles are numbered at the back. If you are not very expert in the assembly of puzzles or you get lost in the assembly, do not worry, you can build them by following the corresponding numbering.